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Pixi Rose Infused Skintreats

This post is all about these new Pixi - rose infused skinproducts.   I love skincare and I find it really important. With a good skincare routine you can have healthy and amazing looking skin. Skincare isn't only what products you use on your skin. There are many things that affect our skins condition for example what we eat and drink, exercise, general health, stress and many more.  There are four different skin types 1. Normal 2. Oily 3. Dry 4. Combination I have combination skin ( T-zone oily and cheeks are normal.) When I got these products I got really excited. I love skincare that has roses infused to it. Also it's nice to have skincare products that are from the same brand and it has the same active ingredients to them. ( Skin wouldn't be so irritated from many different brand products + ingredients).  Here is a video where you can see how I use these wonderful products on my skin.  Step 1.  Remove makeup and dirt