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5 Beauty Hacks

#1 Eyeshadow as an eyeliner. If I don't have an eyeliner or I want a soft eyeliner look,  I like to use eyeshadow. I like to use black or brown colors. Brown color is good for subtle eyeshadow looks. You can use the color wet or dry. When the color is wet you get more pigment and the color stands more out. I apply the eyeshadow with a small brush straight to the lash line. The brush I use is Real Techniques #202 Angled Liner Brush.  This brush is precise and really easy to work with. The eyeshadows that I use are Abyss and Chip from The Jaclyn Hill palette. The shadows are pigmented and they blend very well. #2 Make your own body shimmer.   I love to have a glow all over my body. If you don't want to buy expensive body shimmers here is a way to make your own. You can make the body shimmer from baby oil, moisturizer or setting spray. I prefer the moisturizer because it has the best pigment/shimmer to it. First step is to add moisturizer or baby oil into a b


Grothclothing is a brand from Norway. They have athletic swimwear for all kinds of watersports. They have really unique colors and design swimsuits and bikinis. There are swimsuits for boys as well. Grothclothing also has fitness apparel. If you are interested on buying amazing bikinis or swimsuits here is the link to the website  Their Instagram is @grothclothing There is also a Finnish website where you can order these amazing suits Here are the swimsuits that I received Pink: Baywatch tie-back-Lola size M Yellow: Ariel Strega size S The quality of these swimsuits are really good. They are made from soft material and they are really comfortable to wear. When you swim you don't even notice that you have a swimsuit on because it is that comfortable on.

Bette Box + June Bette Box

This post is all about BETTE BOX. So how does Bette box work? It is very simple. First you subscribe to the website   and there you can choose 1, 3 or 6 month subscription. You get every month a new box with great goodies. Some of them are sample sizes and some are normal sizes. You get 4-6 items in every box. So every time it is a suprise what you get :) In the box you can get for example hair products, makeup, teeth products, lotions and many more exciting things. There are many brands that collaborate with Bette Box for example Clinique, Glam Glow, Nivea and Lumene. This is a great way to find and fall in love with new products. There are also boxes for men which is awesome! You also can read their blog where they publish beauty articles, tips and tutorials ( Bette Box has an instagram which you should go follow (@betteboxfi). There you get to see the products that have been on the boxes. Here is Junes Bette Box. In the Box there is an info

Quick and easy everyday makeup look

I love to wear makeup and experiment with it, but when I am in a rush I have to do a quick and easy makeup. Here is my makeup routine. This makeup look takes only 10 minutes to do. 1. First I moisturize my face. I like to use different moisturizes depending on my skin that day. 2. The next step is to prime my hole face with Mac Moisture Infusion Serum Hydratant. This product gives really smooth and healthy looking skin and this primer does not clog your pores. I recommend this product! 3. Then I like to do my eyebrows. I like to use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. It is a great product because it is really pigmented and quick to get great eyebrows. The product also makes the brows look natural. 4. Next step is foundation. For quick and easy makeup looks I like to use Lumene CC Color correcting cream.  This is a light coverage foundation. It makes the skin look even and weightless. This cc cream is made with natural ingredients.  I also like to add some glow to m