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G Beauty Lab

This blog post is about G Beauty Labs magnetic lashes. G Beauty Lab is a Finnish brand which compains the experience of beauty and cosmetics. On their website they sell glitters and magnetic lashes. I recieved a pair of beautiful lashes from them. I have never tried magnetic lashes before and now I got the change to try a pair. They have four different magnetic lash models: Natural, Chincilly, Iconic and Glamour. Everyone can easily find their perfect magnetic lashes. All lashes are vegan, handmade, reusable, allergy friendly and cruelty free. I got the Glamour magnetic lashes. This model goes half way your lashes. These lashes are good for everyday use or even on occasions. They look really flattering and they are also comfortable on the eyes. How to use magnetic lashes? First apply mascara before putting these lashes on. After applying mascara it's time to put the lashes. The lashes come with two separate pieces (top and bottom). Your own lashes will be in th

November Bette Box

This Bette Box has to be my favorite so far. Party seasons are about to start and in this box you have everything to prepare for night outs. There are skincare products (face mask, lip mask, face and neck cream and spot treatment) and some makeup products (lip balm and fake eyelashes). Clarins - Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector - 01 Nice gel lip balm with a little tint to it. This product feels nice on the lips and it isn't sticky at all. The shade is shimmery rose and it has a nice vanilla scent to it. Good for everyday use. I love that it is super natural on the lips and it gives you smooth and full looking lips. I would recommend to try this product. There is a very cute info card. Police - The Legendary Scent For Women  I have never tried Police products. I think this scent is good and it would be nice on occasions. It contains rose, vanilla, jasmine and magnolia flower. Smells more spicy than floral. This perfume is easy to take with you. Ziaja - Face and N

My Eyeshadow Palettes + looks

I have a few eyeshadow palettes and I would like to show you some of my favorite palettes that I own.  I love eyeshadows and creating different kinds of looks with them. I like to do natural, night out looks and more creative and fun eye looks. Eyeshadows makes your eyes pop and they can be the center of the attention as well.  I love shimmer and glitter eyeshadows the most.  I usually go for bronzy colors (browns and golds.) Fist palette is Kylie Cosmetics: The Bronze Palette - 36€.  This palette is really nice. These shades are good and beautiful. You can create so many looks with this palette. This is good for everyday use, especially in the fall time. When I do my eyes I usually go for natural bronzy colors. This is the perfect warm tone palette for bronzy looks. The formula is really buttery and the colors blend together easily. The shades are really long wearing as well. The packaging is cool and compact. My two favorite shades from this palette are Jasper  ( White