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Ida Warg - Tanning Products

So Summer went pretty fast and it's time for fall. Not that excited about that. In this post I am going to tell you all about Ida Warg tanning products. This brand wasn't familiar to me when I recieved the products. Ida Warg Beauty sells hair care and tanning products. The tanning products look simple and classy. All of the products are 100% vegan and fragrance free!! So about the products...   SELF-TANNING FACE LOTION   This first product has to be my favorite from all the products. This product is for the face. I don't like to use body tanners on my face, because it makes my skin break out. This product is designed only for the face. You apply the product to clean face and wait for three hours. After only three hours you get a nice sun kissed face. It applies to the skin well and looks natural. It suited me well. I have been using this a lot and I will buy this product again.   SELF-TANNING SPRAY   This product was a difficult one. It gave a nice color of tan but it was