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Pixi - Glow Collection

Here are The Pixi Glow Essentials This collection contains skin-loving ingredients that are perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Perfect collection for summer to get a glowy and beautiful looking skin. 1. Cleanse - Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel This cleansing gel removes impurities without taking of the essential moisture of the skin. It helps to refine and brighten the skin making your skin smooth and hydrated. The gel contains horse chestnut extract, aloe, ginseng and glycolic acid. You can use this product AM and PM everyday. Massage the product on your skin for 30 seconds  (be carefull on the eye area) You only need a small amount of the gel. It starts to foam a little when you work it on the skin. I like that it gently exfoliates and doesn't irritate the skin. If you have couperosa you can use this product without harming it.  2. Tone - Glow Tonic I have used this product before and it was on my January beauty favorites.