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Glam Eye Makeup look

I love doing glam makeup looks. There are so many different makeup looks that you can create. I like to experiment with makeup and always try to do new looks. I have played with makeup since I was a little girl. I had gymnastic shows where my mom did my makeup and hair. It was fun. I really like to watch beauty gurus on Youtube and Instagram. In the future I really want to do something with beauty. My favorite makeup look has to be red or brown smokey eye and a natural lip. When I do glam makeup looks I like to take time. I really don't like to do my makeup in a rush. I love to sit down and listen to music or watch youtube videos and do my makeup at the same time. Doing my makeup makes me happy and excited every time.           When I do glam makeup looks I like to start with my EYEBROWS. I used  Anastasia Beverly Hills- brow definer in the shade Medium Brown.  I start at the bottom of my brow and make a line from the start of my brown and ending it to the tail. Th

July Bette Box

June went really fast and I can't believe that it's July already. This months box has some interesting products. All the brands are familiar to me but I have never tried out any of these products before. The toothbrush, cleansing emulsion and the purifying shampoo are great when you travell and they are easy to take into practises. Here are all the items that came in the Box: Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strip, Happy Smile Adults Manual Carbon Fiber Toothbrush, Soft Natural Organic Body Butter Mint from Dermosil, Korres Olympus Tea 3 in 1 Cleansing Emulsion and Schwarzkopf Professional Bc Scalp Genesis PurifyingShampoo. This was the first product that got my eye. I have used pore strips before and they are so good. This pore strip was cute because of the cheetah pattern. I had to use this product right when I got it. The biggest thing that was in the package was this body butter. I have already tried this product out and it is really moisturizing. It makes

Summer skincare

Skincare is really important especially when you are training a lot. When I was younger I didn't take care of my skin that much and I didn't know how to treat my skin the right way. But for few years I have been testing products that could help my skin to be the best. My skin is normal to dry depending on whether it is summer or winter. In this post I thought I would show you some of my current favorite products that I have been using during the summer. Washing your face is key of having a great skin! I have a bad habit using makeup wipes. They are good but they don't clear the skin deep enough. When I have makeup on I really like to use Face Halo . It reaches deep into your pores and removes and traps all of your makeup. It is really simple and easy to use. It takes only a few minutes to have a clean face. It's also good when you are going to practises or when you travel.  I can't tell you enough how  Amazing  this product is. Moisturizing is al

Be yourself + Madlady

I love fashion and I like styling outfits for myself. I like to read magazines and find new inspirations. I also like shopping a lot... I don't have a certain style but I like to discover new things and go out of my comfort zone. I don't care what everybody else thinks of my style because I like to wear things that are nice in my opinion. The most important thing is your own confidence and smile. Those are the two things that everyone can see from far away.   I think everybody should wear what ever they want and feel comfortable! I love casual outfits, because they are so comfortable on and they are cool at the same time. I wear a lot of sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts, tops/T- shirts and anything comfy!  But don't get me wrong I still like to wear dresses, jeans and nice shirts.  I received some clothes from Madlady . The two pieces that I got are really good quality and they are nice on. I have a discount code if you are interested