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Formula 10.0.6

Formula 10.0.6  is a familiar brand to me from before. It is a affordable skincare brand. You can get Formula 10.0.6 for example from Stockmann, Kicks and Sokos. They have face and body products. Containing all skin types and needs. All products are recieved from  Marsaana and Aspirebrandseurope.  Total Take Away - Skin-Purifying Bubble Mask This product has to be my favourite from the products I recieved. I have always wanted to try out a bubble mask and now I have one. This mask carries away stubborn impurities and leaves your skin smooth and clean. This mask tickled but it was a nice experience. I like that this is not a ordinary mask and it is exciting to see the bubble come up. This masks main ingredients are Rhassoul Clay and Tea. Apply and even layer to damp skin. Allow mask to bubble for 2-5 minutes. Gently massage with fingers and rinse thorougly with warm water. Use 1-3 times a week. One Deep Attraction - Detofifying face wash Smells good. It contains Charcoal which is suppo

Cleaning makeup brushes

We use our makeup brushes everyday, so they get dirty and nasty. If we don't clean them often we will get bacteria and all nasty things on the skin. The bacteria that buildsup on the brushes can lead to breakouts and we don't want that to happen.  It's not enough that you have good sponges or brushes you have to clean them too to get the best application possible.   How often should you clean your brushes? • Eyeshadow brushes or brushes that are used on the eyearea should be cleaned at least twice a month. • Concealer and foundation brushes should be cleaned once a week.   With clean makeup brushes your makeup application will be better and blending will be easy. sponges and brush hairs hold onto oils and bakteria.   •You can clean your makeup brushes/sponges with washers that are made specifically for cleaning brushes. I think the best way to clean them is to use a gentle bar soap.    1. Wash with luke warm water  2. Place a drop of your cleanser on the palm of your hand o

Australian Glow

AUSTRALIAN GLOW This blog post is about Australian glow. I saw this brand on K-citymarket and it caught my eye instantly. It was really affordable for a tanning brand and the packaging looked captivating. Australian glow is a self tanning brand from Australia. The brand promises you...   Healthy Glow   The products are made with organic and nourishing ingredients.    Australian Made  Proudly Australian made    Ethical Beauty   Cruelty free and 100% Vegan friendly. This brand has thought of everything! animals, environment and customers.  In their selection they have a tan remover, three shades of mousse tanners (medium, dark and ultra dark), tanning mitt, facial bronzing mist and a gradual tanning lotion.  The packaging is so cute and they are really good quality. The ingredients in these products make you feel and look amazing. Some ingredients are from Australia. Here are some of the main ingredients of the products. Kakadu Plum: Gives a shine and glow to the skin   Green tea: Pro