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L'oréal Paris - New products from Lyko

Few weeks ago I recieved some Loreal Paris products from Lyko. These products are some of my favorites from Loreal Paris. In this post I am going to tell you about the products more and why I like them so much. Rare Flowers - Cleansing Milk I have an obsession to rose. Every skincare product that has rose I have to get it. Rose makes your skin calm (not so red), takes away excess oil and hydrates the skin. There are many more benefits but theres a few.  So about this product, this is a water based cleanser that is gentle and takes of all the makeup and excess dirt of your skin. I like to use this product after I have cleaned my skin with a oil based cleanser first. This cleanser feels super soft on the skin and it really melts the dirt away of the skin. I like to massage the product on my skin for a few minutes and then wash it off. After using this once you will see a difference on your skin. It feels so smooth and not tight at all. The scent is amazing as well. It cont

My skincare wish list

So I have already posted a makeup wish list on my blog and now I wanted to do a skincare version. Now that I am a cosmetician I have been taking a better care of my skin. I also have realised how important it is. I love makeup as much as I do at my skincare products. Here are my skincare wish list products. Tatcha - The Dewy Skin Cream Tatcha: The Dewy Skin Cream First of all the packaging is stunning and so luxurious. It comes with an applicator, which is a really nice touch. With the applicator you don't get any bakteria to the cream form your fingers. It is a rich cream, great for the winter time and for dry skin. The cream seals moisture, helps to replenish ceramides for instant luminosity. Has amazing ingredients for example green tea, japanese purple rice and algae. It gives a nice glow to the skin and at the same time hydrates the skin. The color of the cream is purple too which I like.  Herbivore Botanicals - Rose Quartz Facial Roller Herb