L'oréal Paris - New products from Lyko

Few weeks ago I recieved some Loreal Paris products from Lyko. These products are some of my favorites from Loreal Paris. In this post I am going to tell you about the products more and why I like them so much.

Rare Flowers - Cleansing Milk

I have an obsession to rose. Every skincare product that has rose I have to get it. Rose makes your skin calm (not so red), takes away excess oil and hydrates the skin. There are many more benefits but theres a few. 
So about this product, this is a water based cleanser that is gentle and takes of all the makeup and excess dirt of your skin. I like to use this product after I have cleaned my skin with a oil based cleanser first. This cleanser feels super soft on the skin and it really melts the dirt away of the skin. I like to massage the product on my skin for a few minutes and then wash it off. After using this once you will see a difference on your skin. It feels so smooth and not tight at all. The scent is amazing as well. It contains rose and jasmine. 

It is very Important to do double cleansing, because we have oil- 
and water based impurities on our skin. With the double cleansing method your skin gets all the makeup, impurities and cunk out of the skin. Your skin will look and feel also better.

Rare Flowers - Purifying Skin Tonic

This product is amazing addition to the milk cleanser. This product is good for dry and sensitive skin like the cleanser. I love that these bottles are so big so they will last a long time. I love toners and I use them a lot. The consistancy is not so runny like a typical toner. Only thing is I wish it had a pump like the cleanser. I use this product every morning, after shower and evening. I have used these two product now for a month and my skin has improved so much. I still have some scars but my skin feels super soft, it's hydrated, there are no more impurities and the skin doesn't feel tight at all. I have combination skin but it has felt really dry and with some skincare I have sensitiviness, but with these two products I have no problems. Would recommend this series, but if you are very sensitive on scents this maybe wouldn't be for you.

Triple Active - Day Normal To Combination Skin

I have had this moisturizer before and I love it. This has made my skin super soft and hydrated. First of all it smells fresh. It's a thick cream that melts on to your skin super fast. Good moisturizer for this time of the year. The cream keeps the moisture all day long and its great base under your makeup.
It protects from the environment (pollution) and skin feels elastic and moisturized. Containing Vitamin E and B5 that protects and nourishes the skin, also a powerful antioxidant at reducing uv damage on the skin.

Remember to apply the moisturizer to your neck too. First signs of aging are seen on your hands and neck. 

True Match Foundation - Ivory 1N

Contains 80% hydrating ingredients for example hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, Vitamin E and glycerin. I t aslo has SPF 17. They have 40 shades and undertones to choose from. This shade is unfortunately too light for my skin tone. This foundation suits for sensitive skin aswell and it allows your skin to breath. It blends easily and looks natural on the skin. It has a glowy/dewy finish. It last a pretty long time and it is scentless. Really good everyday buildable and affordable foundation. 

Infaillible - Mattifying Primer

This primer is really good for mattifying the skin. Suits well for oily and combination skin. For me this primer would be good for the summer time, because thats when my T-zone gets oily trough out the day. The primer is a nice base under the foundation and the foundation looks nice on top of it and blends nicely too. 

Triple Active - Night

I have used this product every night and I think it is really good. It hydrates and makes your skin super soft. Contains ceramides and glycerin. This cream is a triple active 1. Moisturizes with the help of glycerol. 2. Protects skin from drying with ceramides. 3. Nourishes Skin feels recovered and smooth. Use this product after washing your face with a cleanser and toner. You can also apply a serum to give your skin some exrta care. Works for every skin type which is great. I have used this product so much that it has nearly finish.

Nutri Gold - Extraordinary Night - Cream Mask

This packaging is nice and different from the other Loreal creams. This is supposed to use before bed as a night mask. For the best results use three times a week. First apply a thin layer to your face and neck with circular motions, then apply another layer and let it affect for 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes tap the excess cream of with a soft cloth. The texture is nice and light. This product gives you a radiant glow and it is really hydrating. Contains essential oils and royal jelly. I have to use this product more to tell my full opinion on this. 

Infaillible More Than Concealer - Oatmeal 324

I choosed this product for highlighting/brighten undereyes, the bridge of the nose, middle of the brows and chin. This shade is really good for my skin tone to highlight. For concealing imperfections this is too light. The concealer dries pretty fast so you have to work fast so it doesn't crease. It dries down matt. It stays for a long time and is very good for covering my dark undereyes. If you have dry skin I wouldn't use it because the matt effect. Full coverage and really pigmented concealer. The wand is nice and big so you don't have to dip the wand to the concealer constantly. This product looks a lot like the Tarte shape tape concealer. 

Here is the link for Lykos Website 


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