This post is all about eyelashes. I really love long and thick lashes, but unfortunately I can't use strip lashes as often as I like because of swimming. When I have swimming practices I like to use waterproof mascara so it don't come off. On the weekends I love to use strip lashes. I like to use Ardells Demi Wishpies and Redcherry eyelashes #747 S and #43 (100% human hair). #43 are more voluminious and longer than #747.   When I take pictures on my instagram I like to use eyelashes, because it makes my eyes pop. I have had eyelash extensions as well and I really liked them. They are so easy to take care of and they are pretty convenient.

First I tell you how I use strip lashes. When I apply my mascara I first use an eyelash curler. The curler helps to bend the eyelashes uppwards and when you apply mascara it will stay bended all day. For my upper lashes I like to apply two layers of mascara which make my eyelashes long and thick. For the bottom lashes I only use one layer of mascara so my upper lashes will look more voluminous. 

When I use eyelash strips I first curl my lashes and then I use only one layer of mascara before I apply the strips. Then I measure the strips to my eyelashes and if they are too long I cut it from the outer corner of the lash. Next step is to bend the eyelash strip so it will be easier to apply to your own lashes. Then I take some glue to the back of my hand and I move the eyelash in the glue. The glue that I have been used before is the Duo eyelash glue in white. However now I found Redcherry glue  with eyelash brush and it is excellent!!!

The next step is to wait a little time so the glue will get tacky. Then it's time to apply the lashes to your own lashes. When I apply the strip I like to use tweezers so it is easier to get it to the right place. There is two ways to apply the strips. Either under your own lashes or on top of your own lashes. If you use the strips on top of your lashes it will look really pretty and voluminous and when you apply the strip to your bottom lashes it will look like you have eyelash extensions! This is a great way to use the strips too.  I like to use the lashes both ways.

When I take of my mascara I first like to use wet wipes. The wet wipes takes of the glue that is stuck in the lashes and it also takes of the mascara quite easily. Then I like to use the Cliniques Take the day of balm to take the excess mascara of from my lashes. The balm is great for the eyelashes because it is gentle for the eyes. The balm melts the mascara off quickly. I rub my lashes with the balm and then rinse the balm off with water. The last step for cleaning my lashes is to use the Lancomes softening hyrdrating toner. The toner smells really good and it is great last step to cleaning my lashes. When you use the strip eyelashes you have to make sure that your strip eyelashes are clean and you store them properly.


The eyelash extensions are a great option too. When I went to take them they looked really nice for 5 weeks and then I needed to go and get them maintenance. They were pretty easy to take care of and they lasted a pretty long time despite that I swim nearly everyday or even twice a day. I brushed them twice a day so they would not get lumpy. The eyelash extensions are really expensive but I totally recommended at least try them at least once.  



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