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How to style for cold weather

I haven't done a fashion related post for a while. In this post I am going to show you four different outfits that I styled for cold weather. 

Outfit 1
Pants: Zara
Belt: Madlady - Click It Brass
knit dress: Zara
Bag: Michael Kors
Jacket: Zara - Double-Faced BikerJacket
Shoes: Dr Martens - Molly Glitter Boots

This is a basic all black outfit, but not to make it all sad looking I popped some color to it to make the outfit pop a little. The knit dress looked a little too baggy so I paired it up with a belt which really made a difference and also made the waist look more flattering. The knit dress paired up with the biker jacked is such a warm combination, so you wouldn't get cold. The boots are great if it's raining or it's snowing, because they come high on the angle. 

Outfit 2
Jacket: Primark
Shirt: H&M 
Sweatpants: Gina Tricot - Cecilia Velour Trousers
Mittens: Superdry
Scarf: Monki
Bagpack: Tommy Hilfiger
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1

This outfit is a cozy one. You can't get more…

My makeup wish list

This is a different kind of post that I have ever written. In this post you will see my makeup wish list.
Some of these products I have been wanting for a long time. I love experiencing with makeup and find new holy grail products to use everyday. Here are my current makeup wish list items.

Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish

Sephora: Charlotte tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish

This first product is from Charlotte Tilbury. I have watched her makeup tutorials on Instagram and they look amazing. I have only used loosed powders to set my makeup for few years. I have heard a lot of good things about this product. I want to try this product out and see if it's better than loose powders to set the face.  The texture is supposed to be very silky, making your skin looking flawless. It blurs imperfections, hydrates the skin, its long lasting and full coverage. A lot of people have said that it makes your skin look airbrushed, also it works for oily and dry skin. The packaging looks …

Estrid - shaver

I don't like to have any hair wherever on myself, so I have to constantly shave. I have tried many hair removal products for example waxing, sugaring, epilator and the most common shaving. I prefer to shave. I have also used many shavers and have always liked the mens razors the best, because they aren't so expensive as the shavers that are marketed for women.

The razors for men and women are the same and they do the same job, so why does the shavers for women are so much more expensive?

So what it is Estrid?

Estrid is a swedish brand. Estrid was created as the solution to our own shave-care problems.
Hair removal should be optional, but great hair removal shouldn't. That's why Estrid has been created.    A vegan 5- blade razor, specifically designed for those who believe that hair removal should be pain-free on the skin, fair on the wallet and planet. A fierce and female-focused razor without all the bad stuff, at a fair price.

* co-founder Amanda Westerbom

I received a…

Why I haven't been posting

Long time no see... 
I have been super busy with school and other things. I started studying to be a cosmetician in January 2019 right after I graduated from high school. Finally after one year of hard work I am a cosmetician/beautician and also an international diplomi cosmetician (CIDESCO degree).  It was a lot of hard work but now I am really glad I did both degrees. I learned a lot from my school, but learning never ends. You can never be perfect and I want to learn more every day. I really think that I made the right decision by graduating to be a cosmetician. I really enjoy this industry and I like that you can explore and do so many things too.

Now I can do hot stone massages, facials, use electrical machines for face and body treatments, aroma therapy, pedi- and manicures, waxing, sugaring, tinting eyebrows and lashes, gel nails, makeup on clients and classical massages. 
In the future I want to learn how to do gel nails with extensions, classic- and volume lashes and also be…