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Haircare routine

Taking good care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin and body (health). Your individual routine depends to the feel of your hair and to the styles you prefer. I don't know a lot about hair care but here is my routine and how I treat my hair. Ad: Marsaana and Aspirebrandseurope.   Washing the hair...     Noughty: Pumped Up Volumising shampoo and conditioner.  Both of the shampoo and the conditioner are 250ml which is great. Vegan, cruelty free, 97% natural, no parabens and sulphate free. Recaclabe and cute pacaging. This shampoo and conditioner contains B5 vitamins and red grape extract. I have used these two products for a month now and I really enjoy using these. These have to be my new favorites. They really give volume and it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. I always wash my hair every other day. Usually I have to use dry shampoo on the next day I have washed my hair, but with these products I don't have to. My hair/scalp doesn't get oily

Bedside essentials

I like to keep everything in my house nice and clean. I also like to keep everything in oder. With nice items that look beautiful can help you snooze more comfortably. I think night rituals are important and they make me calm and ready to have a good night's sleep. Besides the lamp in my night stand,  here are some things I like to keep on my bedside table.   1. Incense   I find incenses very relaxing. When I stare at the smoke that comes out of the stick I forget everything else around me. I really think it reduces stress and anxiety. You can choose your incense stick by how you are feeling or where you need "help" with. There are sticks that are used for example to get better sleep, anxiety, meditation, sexual desire or for yoga. Many use Incense sticks for meditation or for praying. I love them. It makes your whole house smell nice. When I feel down I light one up and just relax and watch the smoke. I really recommend to try Incense sticks.    2. Hand cream   This time