Bedside essentials

I like to keep everything in my house nice and clean. I also like to keep everything in oder. With nice items that look beautiful can help you snooze more comfortably. I think night rituals are important and they make me calm and ready to have a good night's sleep. Besides the lamp in my night stand,  here are some things I like to keep on my bedside table.

 1. Incense 

 I find incenses very relaxing. When I stare at the smoke that comes out of the stick I forget everything else around me. I really think it reduces stress and anxiety. You can choose your incense stick by how you are feeling or where you need "help" with. There are sticks that are used for example to get better sleep, anxiety, meditation, sexual desire or for yoga. Many use Incense sticks for meditation or for praying. I love them. It makes your whole house smell nice. When I feel down I light one up and just relax and watch the smoke. I really recommend to try Incense sticks. 

 2. Hand cream 

 This time of the year my skin gets pretty dry so hand creams are a essential for me. I have Janssen Cosmetics - Goodnight hand mask and it's amazing. The scent is so nice and it leaves your hands super moisturized and soft. I only use hand creams at night. 

 3. Jewelry tray

 I wear jewelry everyday. Everyday you can see me with earings and a necklace, sometimes I like to wear a braclet and some rings too. I have five piercings on my ear and I have bought new earings that I don't like to sleep in. So when I go to sleep I like to take them off, so it's more comfortable for me to sleep. A lot of times when I take the earings of and but it on my night stand they disappear. Now I have a fake coconut to but them in. Now they don't get lost and the coconut looks cute on the table. 

 4. Candle 

 I absolutely love candles. I really like the scented ones and I own them a lot. They give warmth and a wonderful atmosphere to the house. When I feel I want to relax before going to sleep I lit up a candle. It gives the bedroom amazing scent too. 

 5. Sleeping eye mask

 I have just moved to my new apartment and I don't own curtains yet. I have a window on my bedroom that gives a lot of light in the room and sometimes I have a hard time to get sleep. This sleeping mask is great for that. I don't normally use sleeping masks but now once in a while I use it. I don't like to sleep with lights on or if I have a window on the room I like to use curtains so there is no light coming anywhere.

 6. Pillow Spray 

 I have wanted a diffuser for the longest time. You but different essential oils into the diffuser depending on your mind and what are you looking for in the exact moment. The oils come out from the diffuser in a steam form. It relaxes and looks nice. Now that I don't own a diffuser I like to use pillow spray. When I can't fall asleep or I just want a nice scent in the room I spray a little on my pillow. I have used lavender mists to calm and relax my mind. I don't have a pillow spray to show you now goes I have lost mine, but this one is also really good.


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