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I don't like to have any hair wherever on myself, so I have to constantly shave. I have tried many hair removal products for example waxing, sugaring, epilator and the most common shaving. I prefer to shave. I have also used many shavers and have always liked the mens razors the best, because they aren't so expensive as the shavers that are marketed for women.

The razors for men and women are the same and they do the same job, so why does the shavers for women are so much more expensive?

So what it is Estrid?

Estrid is a swedish brand. Estrid was created as the solution to our own shave-care problems.
Hair removal should be optional, but great hair removal shouldn't. That's why Estrid has been created.    A vegan 5- blade razor, specifically designed for those who believe that hair removal should be pain-free on the skin, fair on the wallet and planet. A fierce and female-focused razor without all the bad stuff, at a fair price.

* co-founder Amanda Westerbom

I received a starting packet from them. It includes the handle, two cartridges and the holder for the handle. You can choose from the colors rose, peachy orange, lilac and white/gray. I got the color rose and it's soo cute.

When I first picked the shaver from the package, I was very surprised how heavy it was. I have used this for a month now and it is amazing. It makes your skin super smooth and silky, it doesn't irretate the skin and you don't need any shaving cream/ conditioner (saves a lot of time). The cartridge has a gel edge that contains aloe vera and shea butter that are good ingredients to calm and moisture the skin.  I have to say that this is the best shaver that I have used. It takes all the hair of and also doesn't make any cuts. It's really well made and the quality is nice. Best thing is the price!

It comes with a holder too where you can storage your shaver. The holder is amazing, because after you have shaved you can but it there and not on your shower self that has soo many bakterias. You can place it next to your shower wall or bathroom cabinet.
 Now you don't have to hide your shaver any more. This shaver can be one of your bathroom accessories.

The starting packet's price is amazing only 9,95€. Also if you sign up you will get four replacement cartridges for 9,95€ as often as you want.


100% recycled and 100% recyclable. With a purchase you will donate money for kvinna till kvinna foundation.
A swedish organisation that has been working for and supporting women's rights since 1993 in more than 20 war and conflict-ridden countries in the world.
I really like that they donate the money from the purchases for a good cause.

           Click the e. picture to get to their website :) 



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