Why I haven't been posting

Long time no see... 

I have been super busy with school and other things. I started studying to be a cosmetician in January 2019 right after I graduated from high school. Finally after one year of hard work I am a cosmetician/beautician and also an international diplomi cosmetician (CIDESCO degree).  It was a lot of hard work but now I am really glad I did both degrees. I learned a lot from my school, but learning never ends. You can never be perfect and I want to learn more every day. I really think that I made the right decision by graduating to be a cosmetician. I really enjoy this industry and I like that you can explore and do so many things too.

Now I can do hot stone massages, facials, use electrical machines for face and body treatments, aroma therapy, pedi- and manicures, waxing, sugaring, tinting eyebrows and lashes, gel nails, makeup on clients and classical massages. 

In the future I want to learn how to do gel nails with extensions, classic- and volume lashes and also become a professional makeup artist. 

Now I finally have time again to write here and I'm very happy about it. I really enjoy writing and sharing you my beauty routines, tips and more. It is a passion of mine and I hope that with my posts I can inspire others :)

A new post will be up soon...


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