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My Facial Routine

I do this routine one to two times a month depending on my skins condition. It is really important to examine your skin on a daily basis and see what it needs. Everyone has their own routines and needs so this is just my routine, yours might be different to mine. Hope you enjoy reading this! EYEBROWS... First I like to personally get over with the annoying part which is plugging my eyebrows. I plug them neat and then it's time to wash the face Cleansing... The first actual step in this routine is to cleanse the skin from left over makeup or any dirt. If I have makeup on before I do the facial I do double cleansing ( I use both oily- and water based cleansers) . I apply the cleanser on my face and also neck. I like to work the product on my skin for few minutes so everything comes off. I was my face with Hohde - Cleansing Emulsion . This product leaves your skin smooth and feels fresh.  It cleanses the skin effectively and it is gentle. All of the Hohde  Products are