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My favorite perfumes

I really love perfumes and good fragranced things. I also love to collect different kinds of perfumes. Everyone has a different fragrance preference.  I prefer floral and fruity scents. I like sweet scents, but I don't like if it is too sweet. It has to have something else to balance the sweetness. For example I like Vanilla, Sandalwood and Honey suckle mixed with berries or floral.  Here are some of my favorite perfumes that I have and use often. Juicy Couture: Viva La Juicy 50 ml - 68€  This perfume was my first high end fragrance that I bought. It was pricy but I have used it a lot. This scent has mix of berries, vanilla and Jasmine. Fresh and good for everyday use. I have got many compliments of this scent. I love the bottle, it has a cute pink bow and two jewels on it. Gucci: Bloom - 50 ml - 104€  This scent is my favorite!!! I heard really good things about this perfume so I decided to purchase it. I bought this last Christmas and I love it. It smells

September Bette Box

September has come and so has Bette Box. This months Bette Box has some pretty good products. Here are the items that came in the box: Full size products Ziaja: Micellar cleansing face scrub gel Rexona: Maximum protection Sample sizes Ziaja: Day cream protective & soothing SPF 10 low protection Vichy: Liftactiv collagen specialist Eleven Australia: Miracle hair treatment Manna Kadar: Long-wear mineral powder First item that caught my eye was Ziaja: Micellar cleansing face scrub gel.  I have never heard of this brand before. This product gives you really smooth and nice looking skin. I like that it doesn't exfoliate your skin harshly. First when you apply it on your face it is a gel and it has these little white and blue dots. Then when you start to rub it on your face the texture starts to look like soap. Because of the little dots it doesn't exfoliate so harshly like other scrubs that are made from salt or sugar base.  It smells good and fresh and it

5 Beauty Hacks; part two

I have more beauty hacks that I sometimes do. So I decided to do another post about beauty hacks. Here is the second part of the beauty hacks. Hope you find something that you could start to do :) #1 Put your facemask in the fridge    I love cold facemasks. This makes your face more refreshing and it reduces puffiness on your skin. It also makes your blood circulation better when the mask is cold. By the way, this Garnier Skinactive - Glow shot mask was amazing! The packaging was different and unique. The scent was really good,  gave a nice glow and it moisturized the skin. #2 Face shaving Face shaving is good for your skin and it makes your foundation look more flawless. When you shave your face you get all the peach fuzz off and you get a smooth skin. I like to use an eyebrow razor for this. I only shave my jaw line and a little bit of my cheeks. I do this once a month. It's easy and quick to do. I like to do it at night because it removes the top layer of the ski

Fitcover Australia

In this blog post I am telling you all about Fitcover. Fitcover is a makeup brand especially made for training and sweating. Fitcover is an Australian brand by Nova Jane. It's 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. They have eight foundation shades, a serum and a kabuki brush. I love the shade names. There are for example Activate, Toned, Inspired and Embrace. All the shade names are something to do with fitness/sport which is a cool idea. This foundation protects from bacteria which is great!! I received three samples in the shades L ift, Naked and Embrace,  two full size foundations in the shades Naked and Embrace and a cute kabuki brush. I use the shade Naked . If you don't know your shade there are many reviews from people who have used the foundation and the great thing is you can also buy samples and that way find your own shade. This kabuki brush is really good with the foundation. It's easy to use, the quality of the brush is great and it is sof