September Bette Box

September has come and so has Bette Box.
This months Bette Box has some pretty good products. Here are the items that came in the box:

Full size products

Ziaja: Micellar cleansing face scrub gel

Rexona: Maximum protection

Sample sizes

Ziaja: Day cream protective & soothing SPF 10 low protection

Vichy: Liftactiv collagen specialist

Eleven Australia: Miracle hair treatment

Manna Kadar: Long-wear mineral powder

First item that caught my eye was Ziaja: Micellar cleansing face scrub gel. I have never heard of this brand before. This product gives you really smooth and nice looking skin. I like that it doesn't exfoliate your skin harshly. First when you apply it on your face it is a gel and it has these little white and blue dots. Then when you start to rub it on your face the texture starts to look like soap. Because of the little dots it doesn't exfoliate so harshly like other scrubs that are made from salt or sugar base.  It smells good and fresh and it is made from natural ingredients. So it is good for every skin type.  Overall a great product.

Second item is Miracle Hair Treatment from Eleven Australia. This product says to have eleven benefits for your hair. I tested this product and I like it a lot. It gave glow and smoothness to the hair. The scent was also wonderful (coconut scent.) It is supposed to apply to damp hair. So this is good after practises when you have showered. The product is also said to repair the hair from chlorine. It's Great to have a product that saves my hair from the chemicals from the swimming pool. I'm definitely going to buy the full size product later.

Then in the box there is Rexona Maimum Protection Cofidence Roll-On.  I have never tried out this anti-perspirant before. This product is supposed to have 48h protection which is really good. I like the scent and it doesn't leave any stains on clothing. I tested this on my gym session and it was great. Cool thing about this anti-perspirant is that it activates from body temperature. Good product!

Here are two day cream samples that came in the box. One is Ziaja day cream protectiong and smoothing SPF 10 low protection and the other is Vichy Liftactiv collagen specialist. 

The Ziaja day cream consistanzy is thick and it takes some time to absorb to the skin. But the scent is nice and it makes the skin soft and moisturized. It has SPF which is really important for the skin. 

I haven't try out the Vichy one yet. It is good for people over thirty. This product compensates the lack of collagen on your skin. This cream should make your skin resilient even on the first use. In long use it should reduce wrinkles and pigments. It's not on the market yet but it will be soon. 

And last but not least there is Manna Kadar Beauty 3-in-1 Highlihter, Shadow and Blush in the shade Uptown. This is my favorite thing in this months Bette box. I have used it for a week and I like it very much. I like to use the pink shade as a blush and the gold shimmer on my eyelids. It says you could use the gold shade as a highlighter but for my skin tone the shade is too dark to use as a highlighter. I don't usually like blushes but this blush is so cute and it is the perfect shade (not too pink and pigmented). The gold shade is really beautiful and it looks great on the lid. I think that it's a great idea to have this small package and you could use it for many different things.

By the way this months product card was really cute and different from the other cards that have been on the boxes :)

I am looking forward to see what is in the October box.
Here is the link were you can subscribe and get  your own lovely box.


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