Fitcover Australia

In this blog post I am telling you all about Fitcover. Fitcover is a makeup brand especially made for training and sweating. Fitcover is an Australian brand by Nova Jane. It's 100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free.

They have eight foundation shades, a serum and a kabuki brush. I love the shade names. There are for example Activate, Toned, Inspired and Embrace. All the shade names are something to do with fitness/sport which is a cool idea. This foundation protects from bacteria which is great!!

I received three samples in the shades Lift, Naked and Embrace, two full size foundations in the shades Naked and Embrace and a cute kabuki brush. I use the shade Naked. If you don't know your shade there are many reviews from people who have used the foundation and the great thing is you can also buy samples and that way find your own shade.

This kabuki brush is really good with the foundation. It's easy to use, the quality of the brush is great and it is soft. First I thought the brush would be too big for the eye and nose area but I was wrong it was really good. The best thing about this brush is that you can put it to the brush holder to dry after you have cleaned it. The holder is really cute and it protects the brush from any bacteria.

I have used this foundation for several weeks and OMG I love it. It feels so light on the skin and it feels like you don't have anything on your skin. It's also easy and quick to put on. It stayed on for a long time and the coverage is really good. This mineral powder foundation covered my dark under eyes,  unevenness in my skin and redness.

When I tried this foundation in the gym I love it even more. It doesn't clog your pores and feel nasty on the skin at all. I sweat a lot when I do leg or HIIT workouts and this foundation didn't move anywhere. It stayed on the whole time. It's AMAZING! It looked really good on the skin even after working out and sweating a lot. Usually when I wear foundation in the gym I don't like the feeling of it. All the other foundations sweat off which doesn't look good. But when I use Fitcover it doesn't feel nasty at all and it looks really good on the skin. Now I want to use this foundation all the time.

Here are the social medias of Fitcover. You need to buy this foundation and the brush because it will change your life!! Click the Fitcover picture down below and you get to the Fitcover page where you can buy these lovely products. 


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