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This post is all about eyelashes. I really love long and thick lashes, but unfortunately I can't use strip lashes as often as I like because of swimming. When I have swimming practices I like to use waterproof mascara so it don't come off. On the weekends I love to use strip lashes. I like to use Ardells Demi Wishpies and Redcherry eyelashes #747 S and #43 (100% human hair). #43 are more voluminious and longer than #747.   When I take pictures on my instagram I like to use eyelashes, because it makes my eyes pop. I have had eyelash extensions as well and I really liked them. They are so easy to take care of and they are pretty convenient. First I tell you how I use strip lashes. When I apply my mascara I first use an eyelash curler. The curler helps to bend the eyelashes uppwards and when you apply mascara it will stay bended all day. For my upper lashes I like to apply two layers of mascara which make my eyelashes long and thick. For the bottom lashes I only use one la

What this blog is all about?

My name is Roosa Mört and I'm 18 years old swimmer from Finland. I have been doing sports since I was 4 years old. I have always been interested on makeup, skincare and fashion. In this blog I want to tell you how athletes can also do makeup, skincare and fashion related things. I want to show you what products I use and how I use them. Hope you get some new tips and tricks from this blog :)