My Facial Routine

I do this routine one to two times a month depending on my skins condition. It is really important to examine your skin on a daily basis and see what it needs. Everyone has their own routines and needs so this is just my routine, yours might be different to mine. Hope you enjoy reading this!


First I like to personally get over with the annoying part which is plugging my eyebrows. I plug them neat and then it's time to wash the face


The first actual step in this routine is to cleanse the skin from left over makeup or any dirt. If I have makeup on before I do the facial I do double cleansing ( I use both oily- and water based cleansers) . I apply the cleanser on my face and also neck. I like to work the product on my skin for few minutes so everything comes off.
I was my face with Hohde - Cleansing Emulsion. This product leaves your skin smooth and feels fresh.  It cleanses the skin effectively and it is gentle. All of the Hohde Products are made from Finnish nature which is a plus.


After cleansing the face with a cleanser I use a toner to bring back the skins normal pH level which is 4,5- 5,5. The toner that I use is Garnier - Rose Soothing Toner.  This toner is good for sensitive and dry skin. The toner has a nice scent to it. It leaves the skin fresh and soft.
 I apply the toner to my face and neck with a cotton pad.


The next step is exfoliating the skin. This step is really important, and after this step your skin will accept and soak the other care products better to your skin. I use the exfoliator on my neck too. The exfoliant that I have been using a long time now is Janssen Cosmetics - Oily Skin - Bio Fruit Gel Exfoliator.  I find this very nice. This exfoliator works chemically and it is in a gel form. The active ingredient is fruit acid compound. It is consisting of apple acids, glycolic acid and lemon acid. This product improves the skins texture, cleanses and brightens up the skin.
The product must be applied with a brush and you should avoid the eye area, because it has 20% of acid in it. The exfoliator is leaved on for 5-15 minutes. Then washed of with warm water. Also this is  a salon product.


After exfoliating it's time to use a toner and then apply a mask depending on the skins condition. I have been using a hydrating one. I apply the mask to my face and neck with a brush and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. The one that I have been using is Janssen Cosmetics - Dry Skin - Hydrating Gel Mask. This mask binds moisture for 24h, it smoothes the skin and feels really refreshing.

+ I have this mask on my fridge and it feels so good to have a cold mask on your face.

Moisture Boost...

When it has been 10-15 minutes I wash the mask off. Then apply a toner straight away. Then it's time to apply the serum. The serum I have been using is Pixi - Rose Caviar Essence. This stuff is amazing!
The serum gives radiance for a long time, it has great flower oils and it melts to the skin. I apply the serum first by tapping it in gently and then with a facial roller I like to work it on to my skin better. I like to use the roller for a few minutes on my whole face and neck area. It is not a nesessary step but I like that it gives a nice lift at the same time.

Eye care...

Then it's time for eye cream. I have been using eye creams for a year now and couldn't stop using it. I have dark circles and some puffiness due to the lack of sleep I have. I have used many eye creams but this is the one I have right now Cien Nature - Eye Cream - Wild Rose. You don't need much product when using eye creams, less is more. I apply it under the eyes and under the eyebrows with tapping motions. This eye cream smoothes the delicate area around the eyes.

Night cream...

The last step on my facial routine is moisturizer. Lyko - Moisturizing Night Cream. This night cream has great ingredients for example allantoin, Shea butter, E-vitamin and hyaluronic acid. When you wake up you have a smooth and soft skin. I have been enjoying this product a lot. I just rub gently this on to my face and neck and thats it, all done.


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