Haircare routine

Taking good care of your hair is as important as taking care of your skin and body (health). Your individual routine depends to the feel of your hair and to the styles you prefer. I don't know a lot about hair care but here is my routine and how I treat my hair.

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 Washing the hair... 

 Noughty: Pumped Up Volumising shampoo and conditioner.  Both of the shampoo and the conditioner are 250ml which is great. Vegan, cruelty free, 97% natural, no parabens and sulphate free. Recaclabe and cute pacaging. This shampoo and conditioner contains B5 vitamins and red grape extract. I have used these two products for a month now and I really enjoy using these. These have to be my new favorites. They really give volume and it doesn't make your hair greasy at all. I always wash my hair every other day. Usually I have to use dry shampoo on the next day I have washed my hair, but with these products I don't have to. My hair/scalp doesn't get oily as quickly as it used to. They also make the hair super healthy looking and clean. The products don’t have a strong scent but I like them because they are made with natural incredients. There are many shampoos and conditioners to choose from Noughty hair depending on your hair texture and need. I use the shampoo just on my scalp and the conditioner on my ends and leave it on for a few minutes. I wash my hair with lukewarm water. Once a week I like to treat my hair and use a hydrating hair mask, keeping it on for 10 minutes or so. 


 I like to use oils and serums on my ends of the hair to keep it healthy and silky. Now I use a Anti-frizz serum that really works. It contains sweet almond extract and argan oil. This serum helps to keep the elasticity, moisture and stops the frizzyness. It has a sticky form when you apply it on your hand, but in the hair it isn't sticky and it doesn’t make the hair wet. It really gives moisture and it really helps with frizzy hair. You can use this product on wet or dry hair. I pump 3-4 pumps on my hand and rub it to the ends of my hair. Good for damaged hair and styling the hair. The scent is so amazing. I use this serum everyday, because it’s that good.


My hair type is really straight so I don't have to straighten my hair at all. I don't style my hair that often, but when I do I like to do curls. Also it is not good to have much heat on your hair, because it damages it. When I style my hair I use a protective spray and after curling, I use a bit of hairspray to keep the curls in place. My curls usually stays for few days without touching them up at all. For the curls I use GHD wavy curler (The best!!!).  I really like to invest in good hair products and tools. It is really important to invest in them in my opinion. When I have my hair down and straight I only but some volume in the roots with a dry shampoo and thats it.

 Keeping it fresh... 

When my hair starts to get more greasy I like to save it with dry shampoo. I enjoy using dry shampoos, because they give volume, takes away the greasiness and you don't have to wash your hair so often. My favorites have to be from Batiste. The packaging also from Baiste is gorgeous and super cute looking. I just spray it on my roots and wait a little, then by massaging it with my fingers get the product everywhere. After that just brushing the hair. I think dry shampoos are a life saver honestly.


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