Cleaning makeup brushes

We use our makeup brushes everyday, so they get dirty and nasty. If we don't clean them often we will get bacteria and all nasty things on the skin. The bacteria that buildsup on the brushes can lead to breakouts and we don't want that to happen.
 It's not enough that you have good sponges or brushes you have to clean them too to get the best application possible.

 How often should you clean your brushes?

• Eyeshadow brushes or brushes that are used on the eyearea should be cleaned at least twice a month.

• Concealer and foundation brushes should be cleaned once a week. 

 With clean makeup brushes your makeup application will be better and blending will be easy. sponges and brush hairs hold onto oils and bakteria. 

 •You can clean your makeup brushes/sponges with washers that are made specifically for cleaning brushes. I think the best way to clean them is to use a gentle bar soap. 

1. Wash with luke warm water

 2. Place a drop of your cleanser on the palm of your hand or if you have a brush cleaner put a drop there. If you have a bar soap move your brush on the bar soap gently. 

 3. Massage the brush on your hand /cleaner. 

 4. Rinse the brisles under water.

 5. Squeeze out the exess water with a clean towel. 

 6. Re- form the brush head back into it's original shade.

 7. Let the brush dry bristles going downwards, so the britles and the handle don't get damaged.
Sponge cleaning 

 1. the same way like the brushes or 

 2. Take a cup and but there water and a little soap. 

 3. Drop the sponge to the cup. 

 4. Put the cup on the microwave for a minute or less.

 5. Take the cup of from the microwave and let it cool for a little bit.

 6. Take the sponge of from the cup and rinse it in cool water and at the same time squeeze it.

 7. When all the dirt has come of let it dry. 

 How often should you replace your sponges and brushes? 

•Sponges should be replaced after three or four months 

•Makeup brushes on the other hand should be get ridden of when the bristles start to loose their shape.

 With good makeup brushes/tools and great cleaning rituals should you have a flawless application and your skin will thank you.


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