Australian Glow


This blog post is about Australian glow. I saw this brand on K-citymarket and it caught my eye instantly. It was really affordable for a tanning brand and the packaging looked captivating. Australian glow is a self tanning brand from Australia. The brand promises you...

 Healthy Glow 
The products are made with organic and nourishing ingredients. 

 Australian Made
 Proudly Australian made 

 Ethical Beauty 
Cruelty free and 100% Vegan friendly.

This brand has thought of everything! animals, environment and customers.

 In their selection they have a tan remover, three shades of mousse tanners (medium, dark and ultra dark), tanning mitt, facial bronzing mist and a gradual tanning lotion.
 The packaging is so cute and they are really good quality. The ingredients in these products make you feel and look amazing. Some ingredients are from Australia. Here are some of the main ingredients of the products.

Kakadu Plum: Gives a shine and glow to the skin  

Green tea:Protects the skin 
Goji berry: Boosts collagen 

 Avocado oil: Hydrates and moisturises 

 Grape seed oil: Balances oily skin 

 Rose essential oil: Prevents the signs of aging 

 Aloe Vera: Hydrates 

 Coconut Oil: Fights radicals 

 Cocoa: protects and nurtures the skin 

 Shea Butter: Skin toning and tightening 

 Jojoba: Provides long lasting moisturisation 

 Macadamia seed oil: Cleanses skin 

 I think the best thing about this tanning brand is that the bottles are made from Ocean waste plastic. When your tan is empty you can refill it with a new one. So the old bottle doesn't go to waste. This way the footprint will be smaller and the mother nature will thank us. 

 You can get this brand from: 
Sokos, K- citymarkets,Stockmann and of cousre from their official website.

 I kindly recieved these products from   PR: Marsaana Communications and Aspire  Brands Europe. 

 Medium Self Tanning Mousse

 All of the tanners are nourishing, fast drying, scent free and really easy to work with. When you apply the tan it has a guideline so it is easy to see where you have applied the tan. It is also really easy to blend to the skin, making it look natural and beautiful. Goodbye to parabens, orange tones and bad ingredients. The medium shade is better for those who haven't self tanned a lot and don't want a lot of color, just a little glowy tan. This shade is really good too but I like the ultra dark the best. The medium shade I keep in for longer too (3 hours before washing it of). 

 Ultra Dark Self Tanning Mousse 
 1 Hour Express

 It only takes one hour to have the best dark tan out there. I love this tan and especially the Ultra dark one. I only keep it on for one hour and then rinse it of. Even after that the tan keeps developing on the skin and the next day the tan is more rich and darker. It is dark but still very natural looking. These tanners don't come orange on the skin at all. It stayed on for a week and faded of really naturally. 

They also made a tanning mitt which you can use with all of the products. You can use it multiple times and it is machine washable. This mitt doesn't stain your hands and it applies the tan without any streaks. It is double sided. 

 Ultra Dark Self Tanning Refill

 Gives tanners a ego-friendly solution to reduce their pkastic consumption and also save money. The only thing you have to do is to pour the refill bag to the old tanning mousse bottle and thats it. Quick and easy. 

Everyday Gradual Tanning Lotion 
With Hemp 

 Last but not least we have a tanning lotion. This gives you moisture, great scent to your skin (coconut) and it gives you a nice glow and buildable tan. This is a great product to lay over you tan or just to use it on it's own. This lotion contains organic hemp and hemp is known to replenish and restore the skin. 

I am really glad I had the chance to try out this brand and these tanners. This has to be one of my favourite tanning brands out there. Great price, love the packaging idea and the tanners are just amazing. I want to try out the Ultra-fine facial bronzing mist and also the gentle tan removal mousse. Love love love this brand.


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