Be yourself + Madlady

I love fashion and I like styling outfits for myself. I like to read magazines and find new inspirations. I also like shopping a lot...

I don't have a certain style but I like to discover new things and go out of my comfort zone. I don't care what everybody else thinks of my style because I like to wear things that are nice in my opinion. The most important thing is your own confidence and smile. Those are the two things that everyone can see from far away.

 I think everybody should wear what ever they want and feel comfortable!

I love casual outfits, because they are so comfortable on and they are cool at the same time. I wear a lot of sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts, tops/T- shirts and anything comfy!  But don't get me wrong I still like to wear dresses, jeans and nice shirts. 

I received some clothes from Madlady. The two pieces that I got are really good quality and they are nice on.

I have a discount code if you are interested on buying these items or something else from the website

Discount code:  ROOSA15 

The code is valid Until 7/7. 

Sweatpants -  Madlady Size Small

Swimsuit - Madlady Size Small

Shoes - Nike Air force 1


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