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This blog post is about G Beauty Labs magnetic lashes. G Beauty Lab is a Finnish brand which compains the experience of beauty and cosmetics. On their website they sell glitters and magnetic lashes. I recieved a pair of beautiful lashes from them. I have never tried magnetic lashes before and now I got the change to try a pair.

They have four different magnetic lash models: Natural, Chincilly, Iconic and Glamour. Everyone can easily find their perfect magnetic lashes.
All lashes are vegan, handmade, reusable, allergy friendly and cruelty free.

I got the Glamour magnetic lashes. This model goes half way your lashes. These lashes are good for everyday use or even on occasions. They look really flattering and they are also comfortable on the eyes.

How to use magnetic lashes?

First apply mascara before putting these lashes on. After applying mascara it's time to put the lashes. The lashes come with two separate pieces (top and bottom). Your own lashes will be in the middle of these two pieces. First step is to put the top part in place. Then just apply the the bottom half under the other lashes and that's it. They stay on all day long.

It was really hard to put these lashes on at first, but after a couple of tries it went well. I love these magnetic lashes. The best thing about these is that you don't have to use glue and they are so easy to take off (They don't damage your own lashes). You can use these lashes many times if you take good care of them. The lashes came with a pretty storage box where you can storage them after use. I would love to try other styles and I really recommend these to everyone :)

Here are the social medias of G Beauty Lab

Website: G Beauty Lab
Instagram: @g_beautylab


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