My Eyeshadow Palettes + looks

I have a few eyeshadow palettes and I would like to show you some of my favorite palettes that I own.  I love eyeshadows and creating different kinds of looks with them. I like to do natural, night out looks and more creative and fun eye looks. Eyeshadows makes your eyes pop and they can be the center of the attention as well.  I love shimmer and glitter eyeshadows the most.  I usually go for bronzy colors (browns and golds.)

Fist palette is Kylie Cosmetics: The Bronze Palette - 36€. 
This palette is really nice. These shades are good and beautiful. You can create so many looks with this palette. This is good for everyday use, especially in the fall time. When I do my eyes I usually go for natural bronzy colors. This is the perfect warm tone palette for bronzy looks. The formula is really buttery and the colors blend together easily. The shades are really long wearing as well. The packaging is cool and compact. My two favorite shades from this palette are Jasper (White); great for highlighting your brow and Citrine (Orange); amazing transition shade.
If I travel I take this palette with me, because it doesn't have a mirror (don't have to worry that it breaks) and it is really light weight. Only downside is that it is a little too pricy for nine shades.

Created with The Bronze Palette


My favorite palette must be Morphe: The Jaclyn Hill Palette - 42€. 
This palette has 35 stunning shades. There are mattes, shimmers and glitters. I love the shimmers and  the warm reds in this palette but my two favorite shades has to be Sissy and Pool Party.  Sissy (pink shimmer with gold reflex) and Pool party (turquoise shimmer.) These two shades are so unique and really beautiful. All the shade names are fun and different which I enjoy. When I use the shimmers in the palette I like to wet my brush to make them look foily. The shimmers are still nice without wetting the brush. I would recommend this palette to everyone, cause there are endless looks that you could create. This palette is pretty looking as well.
 Only thing is that it would have been nice if there was a mirror in the palette and the shade names in the palette (shade names were on the separate card).

Created with The Jaclyn Hill Palette
(Not the Glitter line)

Then I have this gorgeous palette Tarte: Tarlette in bloom - 39€.

I love Tarte. They have so many nice products. This is a cute warm tone palette. I just love these kind of palettes. There are 12 shades which are a mixture of shimmers and mattes. This packaging is hands down the best. It is so beautiful and luxurious. It also smells amazing just like chocolate. Funny girl (champagne) and Rebel (red and brown tones) are my favorite shades. Funny girl makes your eyes look so stunning and I have used it the most. Rebel makes my eyes really pop! I love that the shade names are written under the shades so you can see what you are using.
The formula is really smooth and buttery on the eyes. These colors are easy to mix and match together. This eyeshadow palette flatters every skin tones too.

Created with Tarlette In Bloom Palette
(Except the green on the bottom lashes)

Last palette that I wanted to tell you about is Nomad Cosmetic: Antilles palette - 32€
This is the most colorful palette that I own. I don't usually like to use really colorful eyeshadows but when I received this palette and played with the colors I fell in love with this. It is nice to use something different, than warm tones. There are 15 very bright and vibrant shades. My two favorite shades are Happy Island (bright yellow) and Diamond Waterfalls (lilac shimmer.)
There are more shimmers than mattes which is a nice change. If you haven't used to use colorful eyeshadows you can first just use a pop of color on the lower lash line. This way you can have a natural eyeshadow with just a little color to it. This packaging is so unique and playful. This palette smells like coconuts cause it is infused with coconut oil. This is really good summer eyeshadow palette.

Created with Antilles Palette (Blue eye)
and The Jaclyn Hill Palette (Red eye)


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