5 Beauty Hacks

#1 Eyeshadow as an eyeliner.

If I don't have an eyeliner or I want a soft eyeliner look,  I like to use eyeshadow. I like to use black or brown colors. Brown color is good for subtle eyeshadow looks. You can use the color wet or dry. When the color is wet you get more pigment and the color stands more out. I apply the eyeshadow with a small brush straight to the lash line. The brush I use is Real Techniques #202 Angled Liner Brush. This brush is precise and really easy to work with. The eyeshadows that I use are Abyss and Chip from The Jaclyn Hill palette. The shadows are pigmented and they blend very well.

#2 Make your own body shimmer. 

I love to have a glow all over my body. If you don't want to buy expensive body shimmers here is a way to make your own. You can make the body shimmer from baby oil, moisturizer or setting spray. I prefer the moisturizer because it has the best pigment/shimmer to it.

First step is to add moisturizer or baby oil into a bottle or a cup. Then add your favorite highlighter or eyeshadow into the mix. I use Wet and Wild megaglo Highlighting Gold Bar in the shade Holly Gold-Headed. You need 50/50 moisturizer or baby oil and the other half your eyeshadow or highlighter. Now you have a great body shimmer for your whole body. If you want to have a shimmer setting spray then just add highlighter to your favorite setting spray. Here is a swatch from the Finnish product. 

#3 Baking soda to whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening products may be pretty expensive. Here is a cheap dupe that you can try. You only need two table spoons of baking soda, some salt and a little bit of warm water. Then stir it up and you have a paste. Wash your teeth with the paste and there yah go you have whiter teeth. After this I like to wash my teeth with normal toothpaste.

#4 Tape under the eyes.

This is a great way to do glam eye looks. The tape helps to make straight edges. You can also make smokey eye looks and liners easier.

First take a little bit off tape and then place it to the outer corner of your eye. The other half should be placed to the end of your brow. Then you do your eyeshadow look and after that you can take the tape off. If I use tape, I like to start with my eyes and then do my face makeup, because if you have foundation the tape could take of the foundation that you did.

#5 Quick curls.

When you want curls and you don't have much time this is a great way to do curls quickly. Just put your hair on a high ponytail. Then section your hair in four pieces. Curl the four parts. Use some hairspray and now you have curly hair. The curler wand that I use is Ghd curve creative curl wand.
You can leave it on a high ponytail or you can let it down.


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