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Taking good care of your hair is really important. Dry and lifeless hair is a disaster. Here are some off my hair care routines and how I keep my hair in a good shape.

My hair is naturally straight and really long. My hair is also really dry because off swimming. I have also dyed my hair many times. It's really hard to dye my hair because the color doesn't stick to my hair so well or at least with a light hair color. I have had black, brown, ombre and striped hair. My natural hair color is light brown.

Finding good products to my hair has been though. I have tried so many different shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Testing different products is great way to see which one is the best for you and your hair type. I use different shampoos and conditioners in the summer and in the winter. In the winter time I need really moisturizing products. I wash my hair every other day with shampoo and conditioner.  The shampoo that I use now is Aussie Miracle Moist. It has macadamia nut oil which is really good for dry hair. I use my shampoo only to the roots, because when I rinse the shampoo off the shampoo will still get to the end of my hair. Also the roots are more oily than the ends. I massage the shampoo to my roots of my hair and when its bubbly enough I rinse it away. Once a month I have to use an efficient and gentle special shampoo to remove staining caused by minerals such as iron and copper. Swimming pools have many chemicals. The shampoo that I use for that is Cutrin professionals Anti-Green Wash. It washes of anti-green and yellow tones and it eliminates copper and iron residues. When I use this I wash my hair with a normal shampoo and then I use this shampoo after that. I like to wait for 3-5 minutes to really get all the chemicals away from my hair then I just rinse it off.  For the conditioner I use it only for the ends of my hair. If I use conditioner to the roots of my hair it will make my hair more greasy. I like to keep my conditioner for about 3 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water. This way my hair gets all the moisture needed. I don't have a favorite shampoo and a conditioner. Once a week I like to use a hair mask to repair my hair. I like to keep my hair mask for 5 minutes to enhance the structure and softness.

When my hair is dry I like to use Balmain's leaving conditioning spray. Also I like to use hair oil to the ends of my hair to keep them moisturized. The oil that I love to use is Maroggon oil . When my hair is really oily I like to use dry shampoo. The best thing about dry shampoos is that it takes the oiliness off and it  gives volume to the hair at the same time. The dry shampoos I like to use is Aussie Flower Power Dry Shampoo and Biozell Professional Volumizing Dry Shampoo.


I like to use ponytails a lot. I like my ponytail high and straight but when I like to do something extra to my ponytail I do curls at the ends. It's easy and quick to do and it looks great. The curler that I use is Ghd's wavy curler.

I really find it hard to do a great bun. Every time it looks different. This bun is really easy to do and it look's good for school or running earnings.
1. First I brush my hair
2. Then I crap all of my hair to the place I want my bun to be.
3.With my other hand I keep my hair in place and with the other hand I twist my hair to a bun shape.
4. At the end I use a hair tie and I tie my hair in place.
If the bun doesn't stay up you can use hairspray or poppy pins.
Hair spray: Bed head


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