New Favorites

I love finding new favorite products that actually work and I could use them everyday. Some of these products I have bought recently and some are kindly sent to me. Hope you can get some of these products for use too. Enjoy the post. 

 Biotherm - Aquasource Pure Super Concentrate

 I have always liked Biotherm products and I have wanted to try this serum out for a long time. This serum gives the skin radiance, hydration and it reduces imperfections. It contains salicylic acid that exfoliates the skin gently and also life plankton that in turn moisturizes the skin. I really saw a difference in my skin after using it for a few weeks every night. My skin is softer and the imperfections have really decreased and they are smaller. Would recommend it to combination skin. 


I have recently enjoyed using gold jewellery. I was kindly sent these to me and they look absolutely stunning. The details on the butterflies and the colorful diamonds under the evil eye make these pieces special. I got these sent from Cresent Treasures.

 YSL - Libre Eau De Parfum

 A perfect night scent that last a long time. You only have to spray few times and everyone will turn they heads from the beautiful scent. This is a floral fragrance with lavender, orange blossom and musk accord. Dua Lipa is the face of this fragrance and the bottle is stunning. Have to try fragrance!!

 Victorias Secret - Cloud Wash (Bare Vanilla) 

This is a Vanilla scented foaming gel cleanser. I love my body smelling nice and this product makes the skin smell amazing for a long time. Refreshing gel formula transforms into a fluffy, light-as-air foam for perfectly scented cleansing. I like to use it when I shave because it has a foam form so that makes shaving easy. The scent is to die for.

 Maybelline - Lifter Gloss (Pearl) 

This lip gloss is so nice. I loved the Fenty beauty gloss and when I saw this in the store I wanted to try it out because of the similarity. The price was affordable too. They have so many shades to so many skintones. Also there are sparkly lipglosses and normal ones to choose from. It has hyalyronic acid that hydrates the lips. It makes lips fuller looking too.

 Kicks Beauty - Illuminating Tan Face Serum (30ml)

 When I have applied tanning products to my face it has always made my skin look uneven and brought impurities into the skin. I was kinldy sent this product from Marsaana. I was little scared to try this product out but it is fantastic. It is hydrating, makes your skin look healthy and glowy, doesn't irritate the skin at all and looks natural. This product gradually creates a natural and glowing tan on the skin and helps smooth it too. You can mix it with your night time cream or use it on it's own. If you like to look little bronzed this is a good product to but on your night time routine. Love It <3


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