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I have seen many adds on Instagram about eyelash serums and I have always wondered do they actually work. The before and after result have really amazed me. Now I got the change to work with XLASh Cosmetics. Finally I can see myself if I get amazing long and helathy lashes like the adds show. I have used eyelash extensions but if this product can give me long lashes and it is gentle for the eyes why not try and see. Also it is cheaper than eyelash extensions and doesn't damage the fragile lashes. Give natural beauty a try!! 


 There are two amazing eyelash serums to choose from XLASH. There is the basic one and pro eyelash serum. I have recieved the blue one ( XLASH eyelash serum).

 Xlash Eyelash Serum gives you naturally long eyelashes in just 28 days. You can also find mascara, eyeliner and anything else you might need for the complete look eye look. The brand is Vegan and Cruelty free which is a huge plus.
 The key ingredients in the serum are Biotin peptide (active ingredient that makes lashes longer, thicker and stonger) 
Hyaluronic acid (moisturizing ingredient) and 
Green tea (calming and anti- inflammatory effect for a gentle formula).

 I have now used the serum for over a month every night (one hour before going to sleep). It isn't irritaiting and it feels like nothing on the eyes. It is super easy to apply and it only takes a few seconds. Just make sure when you apply the serum that your eyes are cleaned and there is no residue from your makeup (mascara). Apply a thin layer along the lash line just like you would apply liner. 

 Here are my picture Before using the eyelash serum

And here is After using it for 28 days. 

 I can defenitely say that now my lashes are longer, fuller and voluminous, just as promised from the serum. I saw a difference in just a few weeks which is great. My doubts are now changed and I love the product. Indeed I will continue to use the serum from this brand. I would like to try out their mascara and eyebrow stuff too.


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