Recent Purchases

I love shopping and changing my style quite a lot. When I shop for example clothing I like to picture in my head an outfit that the clothing piece would work. That way I know I would use the piece that I am buying. I wanted to do something different on my blog and write a post about my recent purchases (clothing and shoes.)

Here are the recent purchases:

Fila Disruptor 2 (White)

These shoes are my new favorites. They are so comfortable on and they look really nice. They also go with many different outfits. Really good stables to have. These shoes were so hard to find, because they are sold out nearly everywhere.

This bodysuit is really nice and I also do like the high neck. I like to style this bodysuit with jeans or a skirt/shorts. The back of it is nice as well (whole upper back is open). The only problem is that you have to get it off from the neck. It doesn't have buttoms between the legs.

Guess Jumpsuit

I didn't own any jumpsuits before. I bought this for nights out or when I want to wear something else than a dress. It doesn't have a zipper but it is really easy to get on. The material is good and really breathable. It has a waistband just above the stomach. It's really hard to show it from this picture.

Topshop Bumbag (White)

When I first saw this I had to get it straight away!! You can use this bumbag for many outfits (casual or  for something more dressy). The bag is really nicely made and it fits everything I need to carry. I love the three panthers on the bag. The three patterns make the bag more unique in my opinion. White also goes with nearly everything.

Zara Fabric High- Heel Sandals With Zip
I love these high heels. I don't own many high heels so these were great. They are a bit high but I like them. They are easy to but on because of the zip. These high heels have great net detailing as well.
Sometimes it is nice to dress up and look a little different than usual.


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