December Bette Box

Here is the last Bette Box this year.
 December Bette box has some hair products, skincare, makeup and more exciting things. 
This box is great for Christmas parties. 

Here are the items for Decembers Bette box

Mizon Joyful Essence Mask

First product from the box is a moisturizing face mask. I have tried out this brands face masks before and I have really enjoyed them. This sheet mask fits nicely on the face and stays on well. It made my skin super glowy and hydrated. It is really affordable and great sheet mask.

Givenchy L'Interdit

This perfume is amazing. This fragrance smells so good. I wish you could smell it from here. The scent is sweet and strong at the same time. It has different flowers and fruits in it. I have used this and someday I am definitely going to buy the full size one. It stays on for a long time and a little goes a long way.  Love this <3

Cutrin Iconic Multispray

I don't usually use a lot of hair products but this product will be used a lot. I have really straight and really flat hair by nature. This spray gave so much volume to the hair and also made it super shiny. I used the spray with damp and dry hair and it worked well both ways. The scent is a little weird, cause it has birch in it but I don't mind it. 

               Femfresh Daily Intimate Wash

This is a intimate wash but you can use it as a shower gel too. It has low Ph and aloe vera to keep            you fresh all day long. The wash is dermatologically and gynecologially tested. It's also hypoallergenic and soap free. I haven't used this one yet but it smells nice and fresh.

Manna Kadar Brow Trio

This brow product is so adorable and small. In this trio there is one highlighter for under the brows and two brow shades. I find that the middle shade is too red tone for me but I think the other brow color is the perfect shade. This product would be great for "no makeup" looks or when you are going to the gym and just want a little something on the brows. These are buttery and pigmented. The best thing about this palette is that you can use it as a eyeshadow palette too. 

Anyday - Nut Bar With Berries

Like the brand name you can have it any day and anytime. This bar has almonds, hazelnut, cashew, berries and on the bottom dark chocolate. I don't usually eat these kind of bars. It was okay but I wouldn't buy it myself. 

Batiste Pink Pineaplle  Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo is limited edition and the packaging is fun and cute.
I have  used Batiste dry shampoos a lot and I think they are great. This dry shampoo smells like sweet candy and fruits. The dry shampoo gives your hair volume, a great smell and it takes of the greasiness. Only downside is that you have to be really careful if you have dark hair, because it leaves white cast to your hair. Just make sure that you rub it with your hands so there is no white cast left to see.

Here is the link were you can go order Januarys Bette Box


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