February Beauty Favorites

Am I the only one that thinks this month went super fast ?

There were some rough weather changes (cold) which wasn't good for my skin at all.  Luckily there were some sunny days as well. This month was also really busy for me. But enough about the weather and my busy schedule and let's get to my beauty favorties of this month.

Here are my February beauty favorites:

1. Biotherm - Oil Therapy - Scrub

This scrub is amazing. It leaves skin hydrated, silky smooth, takes of all the dead skin and also makes your skin smell wonderful. This scrub smells like fresh fruit.
It contains passion flower oil, muscat rose oil and apricot oil which are really good for the skin.

The scrub is made from small sugar crystals which takes of the skin gently. I love that you don't have to use moisturizer after using this product, because it hydrates the skin deeply. My skin has been really smooth after using this. Great for dry skin.

2. Wet Brush Pro - Detangle Professional

My lovely hairdresser gave this brush to me and I have been using it everyday. This brush is super cute and I love the glitter on it. The brush can be used for wet and dry hair. It has tiny bristles which makes brushing your hair easy and painless. Also it detangles hair effortlessly and there will be no breakage. Every hair type can use this brush.

Can be used for extensions and wigs too !!

3. Physicians Formula - Butter Bronzer - Shade Bronzer

I have been using Too faced - Chocolate Soleil Bronzer for ever and it has been my favorite for ever. Now I found a really nice bronzer that applies nicely on the skin and feels like butter. The buttery texture is from Murumuru Butter. I like that that the texture is powdery and creamy at the same time. You don't have to use a lot of product because it's so pigmented. This bronzer gives a nice bronzy goddess look to you skin.

The packaging is cute and really sturdy. It smells like pina colada, coconut and beach. There is a nice size mirror and an applicator to apply the bronzer.  It is really affordable and I would highly recommend to try this product.

4. Victoria's Secret - Velvet Petals Shimmer

I got this fragrance from my friend a few months ago and I have used it this month nearly everyday for school. It isn't that strong scent which is great for everyday use and when you don't wan't to wear  perfume.  It smells like vanilla, flowers and almond. The design of the bottle is cute and girly. The shimmer makes it special from any other body mist. It makes a nice radiant glow to your skin too.

5. Pixi - Rose Oil Blend

This product was sent to me (pr sample). I have tried to find a good skincare oil for my skin and finally I got one that's amazing and really works. This oil has botanical extracts and vitamin E. Helps to protect, strengthen and nourish your skin. You can use this oil day and night but I have used it before I go to sleep to really hydrate the skin. Also it can be used with moisturizer to give a extra glow to your skin. A lovely product to have :)


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