Different Skin Types

Skin is the biggest organ that we have so you have to take good care of it. It is really important to know your skin type so you can use the right products for you skin. With the right products your skin will feel and look good.
Your skin type will not stay the same your whole life in fact it can change drastically. Your age, the time of the year, health, hormones and the treatment methods can affect the skins condition. It is very important to follow your skins needs and see if there are any changes. The best thing is to keep your skin CLEAN, KEEP IT SOFT AND PROTECT IT. 

Skin has different jobs to do 

1. Protect
2.Control warm and cold (thermoregulation)
3. Metabolism
4.Feel things
5. Detect things
6.Exchange task of substances

Skin Types...

1. Normal

In this skin type all the functions are balanced in the skin. The skin is healthy and pretty. 

* Moisture balance is normal
* sebaceous and sweat glands are working normally so the skin isn't dry either oily
* Only a few spots
* Skin is soft and smooth
* Blood ciculation is good and the tone of the skin is nice and rosy

2. Oily

In oily skin types the sebaceous glands are over working and the sebum level is chemically changed. The oiliness is seen all over the skin.

* A lot of imperfections
* bad microcirculation
* Thick skin
*The color of the skin is poor 

3. Combination

T - zone (chin, nose and forehead) are oily and cheeks are usually dry.

* bad blood circulation
* Where there is oilyness there are usually imperfections and comeods.
* The skins natural moisture effect is low


This is a very ecletic skin type. Skins that suffer from a lack of moisture. The skin simply doens't have any oilyness to it. Dry skin can be also very sensitive and can cause reactions when washing it or using a specific product. 

* Skin is thin and even flaky
* The tone is pale and when irritating the skin it gets red
*When you touch it is really dry. 

The following posts will include more information about the different skin types and how to take care of them. Also what products to use. 


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