Gym Makeup

I don't usually wear makeup to practices but when I do, I like it to be very simple and breathable. I sweat a lot when I'm training so I don't like to have a lot of makeup on my face. The products that I'm going to show you next, don't clog your pores and they aren't bad for your skin.

Down below are the steps for my gym makeup...

1. I use moisturizer even if I don't wear any makeup. It is really important to keep your skin hydrated all year long. I use moisturizers that have glycerol. Glycerol keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. I like to use Aqualan Duo - Emollient Cream.

2. After I have moisturized my skin I like to do my eyebrows. I use Ardell Professional - Brow Defining Kit. (I use the two shades on the right.) I think that powder products looks more natural than pomade products. I don't use a lot of the product, just to define my brows and make them look alive again.

After using this product I lock my brows with clear eyebrow gel. The product I use is Lumene - Blueberry Eyeshadow Shaping Gel.

3. I didn't used to use foundation on the gym but now I have the perfect foundation which is in fact made for training/sweating. The Foundation is Fitcover - Mineralize Active Foundation - In the shade Naked. It is amazing I absolutely love this foundation. This foundation stays on for a long time and it doesn't move anywhere even if I sweat a lot.

4. Next step is concealer. The concealer that I use is Fit me concealer in the shade 15. I only use concealer if I have dark under eyes or spots that I have to cover up. Little bit is enough because I don't want it to look cakey and heavy on the skin.

5. Then it's time to curl my lashes and put some mascara on. I had eyelash extensions but now they are all gone. I just use one coat of mascara on the upper lashes to make the eyes pop a little bit. I use Nordic Noir Deep Impact Mascara. 

6. I like to set my face with Lancome - Fix it Forget it Makeup Setting Spray. This setting spray is really hydrating and the mist is also soft which I really like. Setting your face with a setting spray makes your makeup stay longer and it melts all the makeup together on the skin.

7. The last step is to use lip balm or a natural lip oil. If I have really dry lips I prefer to use a lip balm. For lip balm I use Egyptian Magic - All purpose skin cream and for lipgloss I love to use Lumene - Oil Fusion Lip Gloss in the shade 100 Sandy Beach. This lipgloss is so lightweight and it isn't sticky at all.


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