So...? Fragrance

So...? Fragrance offers beautifully unique range of quality fragrances at a low price point.
Each scent in the range is inspired by individuality and the latest fashion trends.
I love that they have different fragrances to every preference.
They are cruelty free!

° Fresh and Bold
°Fruity and Floral

These body mists are great for traveling, take to school or gym. The packaging is really beautiful as well.

They have 30 amazing scents to choose from to fit your every day style, occasions and mood.
They also sell dry shampoos!

Here is the website for So...?

I have received these lovely body mists from Transmeri :)

The first one is called So...? Rose Petal mist. 
It contains softness of lily and white and pink roses. I love everything that has roses or smell like roses. This is the perfect rose bodymist. This scent is really romantic and elegant. I think this scent would be great for occasions. So fresh and lovely.

The next body mist is So...? Fresh Floral mist.
It is a really sophisticated fragrance. This scent is a mixture of peach blossom and beautiful peony flower. It is a nice summery scent. Good for every day use. 

The last fragrance is So...? Wild Berries mist
Really exciting mixture of fruity wild berries. This has to be my favorite scent out of these three. This scent is really fresh and it really smells like berries. Good for every day use. 

All the body mists have 100ml fragrance on it. You can get over 600 sparys of it!! They are really afforable as well ( 4,90 €)


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