NHS (Nordic Health Systems)

NHS = Nordic Health Systems specializes in natural products, natural cosmetics and importation and wholesale of Eco products.
They are selling many brands for example Lavera, Benecos, Cattier, Nurme and Born to Bio.
Here is the Website where you can get these or any other product: http://www.nhs.fi

NHS kindly send me these products. The first three products I chose myself. I also got some day cream samples from Cattier and Lavera. I haven't tried them yet but everything else I have tried.

Here are the products I recived....

Egypian Magic: All purpose skin cream - 39,90€
This product is amazing. All of the ingredients are Natural. It contains olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolls. The texture is first in a balm form (similar to vaseline) and when you rub the product in your hands it changes into a creamy oil. This product has many uses for example moisturizer, lip balm, hair, scars and makeup remover and for so many more uses. This makes your skin really glowy and beautiful. Little goes a long way. I used this at night and when I woke up. My skin felt so smooth and hydrated.

 Many celebrities use this like Madonna, Eva Mendes and Cameron Diaz.

Next one is a lovely lipstick Lavera: Colour Intense Lipstick - shade: Tender Taupe - 13,94€
This lipstick is really good. I love it. It contains rose, mallow and lime flower extract. It has really high quality natural pigment. It treats your lips which is good. The shade is amazing. It is a mixture of brown and pink. It also has a little shimmer to it.  Really nice nude shade for everyday use. The best thing to this lipstick is that it doesn't feel like you have any lipstick on your lips.

The third one is Optiat : Feel Great coffee scrub - Mouthwatering Mandarin - 20,91€
It is a natural exfoliator for your face and body. It contains used arabica coffee ground and essential oils from oranges. The packaging is different and I like that it has lips on it. I think it is great that these used coffee grounds are used in something new and not thrown away. This exfoliator made my skin really smooth and it also took away of all my dead skin.

Last two products are:

Benecos: Natural lipgloss in the shade - Natural Glam - 6,99€
This lipgloss is so lovely. It contains vitamin E and candelilla wax. This lipgloss makes your lips look  bigger. The scent is really nice, just like caramel. The packaging is so cute (lipsticks on the applicator.) The color is pinky/rosy. It feels so nice on the lips and it doesn't feel sticky at all. It is great on it's own but it looks even nicer on top of any lipstick. I tried it on top of Muse and they  looked beautiful together. 

Benecos Natural matt lipstick in the shade - Muse- 7,99€.
This Matt lipstick is great. The shade is brown/orange nude. It is really pigmented and feels velvety. For a matt lipstick this feels so good on the lips. Really smooth application and comfortable on the lips. The best thing is that it doesn't feel matt on the lips. It doesn't crack on your lips.

Here are all the lipstick swatches 
1. Lavera: Colour Intense Lipstick,  Shade: Tender Taupe
2. Benecos: Natural Matt Lipstick, Shade: Muse
3. Benecos: Natural Lipgloss, Shade Natural Glam


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