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I thought that I had so many beauty related posts that I could change it up a little and do a fashion post. Here are some clothes/shoes that I have recently bought.

1. Zara- Faux Fur Coat Black   (Size Small) 

I love coats and when I saw this in the store I had to get it. This coat is really cozy and warm. It's also super soft.  It has two buttons two close the coat up and it has a nice collar. It goes just over the bum. There are two big pockets where you can fit anything. I just have a few long coats so this was a good purchase.

Looks good with anything.

2. Dr Martens- Lolita Molly Glitter 

I absolutely love these boots. I first wanted the normal ones (black leather)  but when I saw these on the net I wanted these. These are so unique and pretty. These boots are platformed and they came with silky and normal black laces. They are a little too big for me but I can but a insole to it. Also I have to wear high rise socks.  These shoes look heavy but they are really comfortable on. I don't have any boots like these.  I own Timberlands but they aren't petite like these ones. The best thing about these is that you can wear these nearly all year long. 

I pair these shoes with dresses and jeans. 

3. Zara- Blended Zip Sweater  (Size Small) 

I don't own many crop sweaters and when I saw this I thought it is super cute. I really like the zippers on both of the arms. This sweater is warm, comfortable, fancy and you can style it up or down. What more can you wan't from a sweater?

I would personally style this sweater with high wasted jeans or skirts.

4. Casall- Seamless Sports Top- Sage Green  (Size Small) 

I wear sports bras everyday when I workout. I like this one cause it's different that I would normally wear. First of all this color is really nice and the support of this top is great. The fabric is nice and thight and really comfortable to wear.  I love the neck line (V shape) and it has two straps on both sides.  I usually workout with sport bras and leggings/shorts so this will be used a lot in the gym.

I like to wear this in the gym. You can also pair it up with joggers. Quick and easy outfit.

5. Zara- Cropped Corduroy Jacket  (Size Small)

I have been searching for this kind of a jacket for a long time. This jacket is oversized and you can fit jumpers/sweaters underneath it which is great. So you can use this jacket on the summer and in the beginning of fall. You can make it casual or more fancy. Casual: Leggings+ top and Fancy: Jeans or a dress. The quality of this jacket is super nice. The material is velvet and it has a rip bottom with gives some edzyness to it.

I like to wear this jacket open with a crop shirt or sweater and pair it up with highwaisted pants.

Hope you liked this post :)


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