My Tanning Routine

I like to use self tan in the winter time when the sun is nowhere to be seeing. I love bronze and healthy looking skin and I feel more confident with a tan on. I don't have the need to use it but I love the feeling of it. I have tried out different fake tanners for example Vita Liberata and Kicks Tanners. Now I got the change to try out Cocoa Brown products. They have so many lovely products. I have used these Cocoa Brown products for a month and I love this brand.

I am not an expert but here is my fake tan routine and some tricks and tips for you

Where to start?

First step is to exfoliate the skin. I don't own an exfoliating mitt but I like to use a scrub instead. I think the scrub works as good as the mitt. The scrub that I use is Optiat - Feel Great Coffee Scrub - Mouthwatering Mandarin. By exfoliating the skin it takes away all the dead skin and makes your tan apply much smoother.

After exfoliating I like to shave my whole body.

+ Take a hot shower to open up all of your pores and then shave

I like to exfoliate and shave the night before I apply my tan to prevent the tan going into the pores. I also like to moisturize my body the night before.

 I have used  Cocoa Brown- Chocolate Whip Oil- free Body MoisturiserThis product is great for dry areas and all over the body. I have really dry knees and elbows and this moisturizer is great for them. It absorbs to the skin really quickly and it makes your skin smooth and smelling good (Chocolate scent). This product also makes your tan apply easier and prevents the tan going too dark on the dry areas. It contains Vitamin E and Pantehenol. This product suits for acne-prone skin too.

The next day it's time to but on the fake tan.  I use Cocoa Brown - 1 Hour Extra Dark Tan.
 This tan is super affordable, it gives a beautiful brown tan color to your skin (not orange at all), develops fast and lasts up to 4-7 days. I like this tan a lot, because you don't have to wait for 6-8 hour for the tan to develope on your skin. You can wash it off already in just an hour. I like to wash it off after 3 hours, because that's the longest time that this tan keeps developing on the skin.
 A really good thing too is that after applying this tan you can dress up and it doesn't stain your clothes or your bed sheets which is great. I love that you can see where you have applied the tan and it makes the tanning prosess much quicker and easier.  If you are a beginner with self-tanners you have to be careful with this product, cause it drys down fast so when you apply this tan make sure that you take time and use it in small sections at a time.
Even though this shade is extra dark it looks nice on the skin and it isn't too dark at all. These products aren't tested on animals and they are paraben free. Also it doesn't smell bad like other self tanners which I appreciate.
I workout nearly everyday and sweat and this tanning mousse doesn't come of patchy.  Love this stuff.
So how do I apply the tan?

First I take a mitt and I put some tan on it and fold the mitt in half, so the tan is all over the mitt. With a mitt the tan goes smoothly and effortlessly to the skin. I use the Vita Liberata Golden Tan Mitt.
 I like to start with my arms and then go down from that. I don't like to tan my face at all. I apply the tan in circular motions so there will not be any streaks. I also like to take time when applying the tan so it gets everywhere. I used only one layer of tan but you can do as many layers as you want.
The more layers you do the more darker the result you get.

+ Do your elbows, knees, feet and hands last when there is the least amount of product in the mitt.

+ After applying the tan I like to use a face wipe and wipe my palms just to avoid tan there. 

After applying the tan you can straight away wear loose clothes and just chill. This tan isn't sticky at all so it's comfortable too. Then 1-3 hours later you can wash the extra layer off tan. After washing the tan it still develops on the skin.

+ When you shower the extra tan off make sure that you don't use any shower gels or rub it. Also when you dry your skin just pad it gently with a towel.

How to after care the tan?

The more hydrated and cared your skin is after applying your tan the more natural and beautiful your tan will look and fade.

How to take the tan off?

When I have had my tan for a week it's time to rub it all off. I recived a tan eraser which I have never tried from any brand. Before I got this product I used a exfoliator.

So the product I have been using for few times now is Coco Brown- Fresh Start Tan Eraser. This product is great when you want your tan off quick and easily. I just pump the foam onto a mitt and apply it to my whole body. Then I wait for 5 minutes and after that I rinse it off in warm shower and I use a cloth to rub it off. This product is good for sensitive skin cause it's so gentle.

I have one more product I want to share with you and that is a shimmer oil. I got the Golden Goddess Shimmer Oil and they have tree different shades of this product. This shade is a nice rich yellow gold tone. You can use it on your whole body. You can use it on your face too. I like to use this on my collarbones, elbows and I like to mix it with my foundation. This product smells amazing, it gives a nice glow and it compliments the tan. It is based with coconut oil so it's natural and it hydrates the skin at the same time. This product is my favorite after the 1 hour ultra dark tan product.

When you use this product make sure that the coconut oil and the shimmer are mixed together. When applying use a brush to make it even.

I really would reccommend you to try Cocoa Brown Products. There are so many different product for you to try and fell in love. The packaging of the products are so cute and girly too. They sell these products all over the world and it's super easy to get your hands to. 

If you want to go check out their amazing website here it is
Cocoa Brown

Also Here is their Instagram

This post is in a collaboration with Cocoa Brown.


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